This site is a collection of writing from over the past couple of decades that originally lived elsewhere, as well as some pieces I have posted here as a general way of working out my thoughts and making a record. I currently work at Lyft, where I am responsible for our mobile and server developer infrastructure. My previous work includes supporting developer relations for Firebase at Google, where I also contributed to Google Play Services, Chromecast and Google Sign-In. Prior to that I worked on various projects in the UK for clients like the BBC, Channel 5 and Cable&Wireless, and I led development for Virgin’s digital properties,

My interests have recently centered around the future of work, large-scale mobile software engineering and general developer experience, as well as organizational structures and culture for larger engineering teams. I have also worked on and continue to maintain an interest in developer relations, messaging systems, particularly ZeroMQ, and machine learning, particularly text classification and processing. This site also contains some reviews of movies I purchased on DVD for under £1, so your mileage may vary.