Its the 100th anniversary of the end of the first world war, and leaders around the world are paying tribute to those who died, and making calls for peace. Seeing presidents and prime minister talking about peace sometimes makes it feel like it's their decision, that the heads of state control war and peace. They might declare war, or sign peace treaties, but war and peace are as much about the institutions and work of society as they are about the people at the heads of those societies.

Power and resources underpin so many conflicts, and what we do every day plays directly into how power and resources are distributed. We can't usually individually choose to make or avoid a war, but collectively we absolutely can, and have. At any point, there are certain areas of human endeavor that are at a fulcrum for how we will be distributing power or managing resources, and the choices we make at those points are potent. Its hard to know which decisions are at those fulcrums, but acting as-if, assuming consequence, is the right disposition. We all get to be part of this, not by avoiding the war but by making the peace.