· April 14, 2009

I am a fan of the truly odd Radio 1 DJ and Pimp My Ride UK presenter Tim Westwood, and this has only been enhanced by the wonderful glimpse of his life you get from his Twitter. I’ve collected some of my favourite moments:

Needed to wash the curtains - they’ve all shrunk by a foot! Now they don’t even cover the windows! That’s fucked up! - TimWestwood

Got in late last nite. Nicked a bottle of milk from the building next store. The top came off & spilt all over my best jacket. Bloody karma! - TimWestwood

I don’t understand why some shops are still shut today - I guess its another kebab from edgware road - same place I ate Christmas Day - TimWestwood

And this wonderful sequence of taking the office to Nando’s tweets.

I’ve asked everyone at the office to have a late lunch - cos there’s no sense goin to Nandos super-hungry cos I’m payin - TimWestwood

just brought some bars of chocolate – goin to give them to everyone just we before we go Nando’s - TimWestwood

ha - got hot cross buns! Gonna serve them at 7pm - by time we get to nando’s everyone will only be ordering 1/4 chickens & no desert - TimWestwood

Those hot cross buns went down a treat & now some chocolate for the non Christians. Also we goin to share one bottomless coke glass - TimWestwood

One of the team asked if they could bring their girl tonite - not on my bloody tab! How ghetto is that! - TimWestwood

this better not cost more £35 in total for the 7 of us - was hoping a couple of them would cancel! - TimWestwood